Input Needed on Future Museum

Building a new museum represents a complex undertaking and requires a huge commitment of time, talent, and resources.  It starts, however, with a relentless passion and a constant focus on detailed planning that accounts for the latest changes in the marketplace and technology.   The ESM business plan has and continues to evolve, and our detailed feasibility study presents the key highlights of the current iteration.  It describes the museum’s concept and business model, evaluates market potential, discusses programming opportunities, and compares and contrasts the ESM with comparable institutions.  The study presents a three phase development strategy as shown on the left side of this page, and analyzes the building, operating, and funding requirements for an initial physical facility.

Why an Earth Science Museum?

Arizona represents a natural setting for a museum dedicated to Earth science.  The state resides in an extremely diverse and rich geologic environment with large mineral reserves and a vibrant mining industry.  It also hosts the largest collection of rock and gem trade shows on the planet. The Phoenix metropolitan area has shown steady growth for 50 years and has the demographics and tourism base that support a diverse array of museums and cultural attractions.

Arizona has also consistently ranked at or near the bottom of U.S. public education surveys.  The state’s public education system has continually struggled to provide quality education for its students.  Results for the 2010-11 school year indicate that 42% of Arizona school failed to get students to make “adequate yearly progress”, while the Arizona legislature cut $242 million from the FY2011-12 K-12 school budget.  We need key resources for teachers and Earth science education.  Many Arizona companies recognize the need to improve science education for a well-trained workforce and represent potential partners for building a new museum.   Moreover, we believe that a nonprofit museum organization will better serve the public by not being subject to ever changing political winds and the legal constraints of being a state run agency, both of which limited the success of the previous museum.

The time is right for this effort.

Museum Components

The Earth Science Museum will offer a variety of products and services that are aimed at providing high quality, personalized learning experiences. Each item is designed with visitor needs in mind - connecting with their interests and creating interpretations and interactions appropriate for their age and background. The end result is a museum experience that not only satisfies immediate needs but exceeds expectations and imparts a lasting impression of unique, superior value.  Products and services will be made available through three different channels: Outreach, Online, On-Site.

With the construction of the museum’s physical facilities, on-site programs will become the main focus of activities.  These programs will initially emphasize minerals, fossils, and geology, but will be expanded to cover the major Earth science fields as space, expertise, and resources become available.  Each program will create a lasting impression about a topic/theme by imparting a sense of awe, discovery, and stewardship   Our detailed business plan highlights the exhibits which will fulfill these needs, but we don't want to create this experience without your input.

In the comment section below please provide your thoughts on what exhibits would enhance our future museum.



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