Donate on Arizona Gives Day! Apr. 9, 2014

Become part of a unique giving experience by making a donation on Arizona Gives Day, Wednesday, April 9! Arizona Gives Day is an online fundraising event organized by the Arizona Alliance of Nonprofits. The fundraiser provides a special 24 hour period for Arizonans to come together and show their support for the state’s nonprofit organizations. Donors will go online, connect with causes they care about, and make tax deductible donations. The event is being held for the second time.

Although the Earth Science Museum (ESM) received limited contributions from last year’s inaugural fundraiser, the museum decided to get involved with the event again given the increased publicity efforts by the Gives Day organizers. The ESM has also been in the news recently, so we’re hoping that the two developments will lead to more donations!

Part of the added event publicity includes promotional materials that feature different causes, such as animals, arts, and after school education. These themes didn't really match the ESM's efforts to inspire all generations about earth science. So, we designed a special postcard based on the layout of the Arizona Give Days materials. (See below) Click to download a printable version of this postcard...

Note that as a nonprofit registered with Arizona Gives Day, the ESM is qualified to receive cash prizes in various fundraising categories such as Most Donors Overall, Most Dollars Overall, Small Nonprofit with Most Donors, or Most Donors in a given hour. While it would be wonderful to win such an award, the museum will be grateful for any contribution that it receives on April 9th! The minimum donation is $10, and there is no maximum donation limit. (Just in case any readers happen to win the lottery before the event.) Contributions can be made at:

So please mark your calendar, help spread the word about Arizona Gives Day, and become part of the unique giving experience. Thank you!

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