ESM education outreach

The Earth Science Museum has developed a multi-faceted Outreach Program to serve the earth science educational needs resulting from the closure of the former Mining and Mineral Museum.  The first phase of the Earth Science Museum, the Outreach Program,  is now ready to serve the public and is available to schools in the Metropolitan Phoenix area.


The major services we can provide include:

Classroom/school presentations that cover the state elementary - junior high earth science standards.  These presentations provide hands-on materials covering basic rocks and fossils, and minerals and their uses. Note that we also sell rock pencils and treasure bags if pre-ordered one week in advance of a scheduled presentation.

Earth Science Education Kits   Two kits have been developed which can be used for instructional purposes and also as a science center in the classroom.  The Rock and Fossil Kit features Sedimentary, Igneous, and Metamorphic rocks, plus three AZ fossils.  The Mineral Kit features four minerals and their crystal form, plus four additional common minerals.  Both kits contain information about the earth's layers, and about how we use rocks and minerals.  Each school will be given a set of kits with a scheduled presentation.

The Earth Science Museum will participate in and present information at science fairs and to Scout Groups.

Egg-Carton Collection Program:  This popular project allows kids (of all ages) to make their own scientific collection.  We present this program at the  Flagg Mineral Foundation show at Mesa Community College in Jan. and at ASU's School of Earth and Space Exploration  in Nov. The program  provides many  rocks, minerals, crystals, and fossils with identification tags telling the name and location for each.  This program costs $1.00 per collection.

The  Outreach Program is also planning to develop resources related to earth science that can be downloaded  for instructional use.

For more information contact:     Mardy Zimmermann, ESM Vice President and Outreach

                                                      Coordinator,  maztempe@yahoo.com or 480-839-6390

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