About Us

The Earth Science Museum (ESM) is a non-profit organization that was founded in July 2011 by members of various Earth science, lapidary, and prospecting clubs that met at the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum. These members include several volunteers and former staff from the old museum.

We share a vision of creating a new world-class museum in the Phoenix area that will provide great visitor experiences relating to not only mining and minerals but to Earth science in general. Our mission is:

To increase knowledge and inspire learning about Earth science for students and the general public through exhibits, classes, and outreach programs, in support of Arizona's rich mining and mineral heritage.

Building a new museum represents a huge challenge, especially given the current uncertain economic conditions. It will require a tremendous commitment of time, talent, and resources.

Development Plan

We envision building the Earth Science Museum (ESM) in three distinct phases. This approach balances addressing immediate educational needs, generating community support, and constructing physical facilities. Development in each phase will be guided by visitor experiences where feedback will be continuously collected and applied to refine exhibits and programs.
  1. Phase 1: This phase focuses on outreach and on-line programs to provide students and teachers key resources for Earth science eduation. Through teacher kits, classroom instruction delivered by trained volunteers, and mobile exhibits of museum-quality minerals, the ESM will provide students the opportunity to view authentic objects with proper interpretive programming.
  2. Phase 2: The second phase involves a transition to an initial physical facility. The mini-museum will include the essential elements for conducting and sustaining on-site educational programs:
    • Mineral galleries
    • Classroom
    • Area for previewing future exhibits
    • Gift shop
  3. Phase 3: The third phase encompasses the construction of the full-featured physical facilities of the museum. Exhibits and educational programs will be extended to cover the major fields of Earth science - atmospheric sciences, geology, geochemistry, geophysics, glaciology, oceanography, paleontology, physical geography, soil science, and sustainability. To enhance visitor experiences, amenities, such as food service, a theater/auditorium, library, and meeting areas, will also be provided.

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is working on pulling together the key assets and skills for the museum project. They can use help in many areas. Please contact them if you are interested in sharing your energy, experience, and expertise to help "Rediscover the Mineral Treasure!".
  • Shirley Coté - Secretary/Assistant Treasurer
  • Robin Evans - Treasurer
  • Dave Fanger - Vice President of Operations
  • Bob Jones - Board Member at Large
  • Harvey Jong - Interim President
  • Deborah Michalowski - Chair of Nominating & Governance Committee
  • Tom Parks - Capital Campaign Chair
  • Jayne Wright - Vice President of Membership
  • Mardy Zimmermann - Vice President of Education & Outreach Coordinator