The Earth Science Museum receives $3,500 grant from Staples Foundation

Phoenix, Arizona (November 12, 2012) - The Earth Science Museum, a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring all generations about earth sciences, announced that it received a $3,500 grant from Staples Foundation. The funds from Staples will help enhance and expand the museum's educational outreach program that provides hands-on classroom instruction on rocks, minerals, and fossils.

Since its founding in 2011, the Earth Science Museum has been offering as part of its outreach program free educational kits to public schools. These kits include a variety of hand-sized rock, mineral, and fossil specimens and are delivered by knowledgeable, trained volunteers who present the learning materials in a fun, interactive way. Students handle the specimens as they are challenged to identify each sample, understand how it was formed, and learn about uses in everyday life. Fifteen kits were given away in the 2011-12 school year, while 1,584 students were served.

The Staples grant will be used to double the number of schools served, while also enhancing the kits to include magnifying glasses and books on rocks and minerals. In addition, initial tools and supplies will be purchased for the museum's Earth Science Education Experience (ESEE) lab. This lab will offer students opportunities for making discoveries about earth sciences through project-based learning.

The ESEE lab will leverage the popularity of the TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation where students assume roles as Earth Science Investigators (ESI's). They will work together in teams to solve earth science mysteries, such as identifying unknown mineral samples, locating ore deposits, or how fossils formed. They will develop an understanding of the scientific process by performing experiments, collecting and analyzing data, and presenting their findings.

"The outreach program of the Earth Science Museum provides students with valuable learning opportunities that go beyond traditional textbooks and the Internet. For our children, if you want them to understand anything at all about rocks and minerals, you better get some in their hands." said Mardy Zimmermann, Vice President of Education & Outreach Coordinator. She added that "You can't learn what sandstone feels like by looking at a picture of it."

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